lose your panties
a lemonLimoncello is Italy's favorite liqueur. Lose Your Panties Limoncello is made in El Dorado county, CA (near Lake Tahoe) by the Martini and Vachoni families. This refreshing lemon (or cranberry-lemon) liqueur is crafted from an authentic family recipe. It is made with California's finest fresh lemons (and Cape Cod's handpicked cranberries) that are selected for optimal flavor and smell.

Lose Your Panties Limoncello is a unique and special experience from start to smooth finish. The liqueur features a true-to-fruit hue with the opacity of homemade lemonade. It has a featherweight body and a satiny smooth texture more reminiscent of a spirit than a liqueur. Less sugary-sweet than the comparable Italian Limoncellos, the alluring a little logobouquet is generously imbued with the aroma of zesty, freshly squeezed lemons.

Lose Your Panties Limoncello is 35% ABV and is available in 500ml and 50ml sizes.